Repairs & Maintenance

We recommend that you follow the guidelines listed below for the general maintenance of your new product but if you do require any further help contact our service team on 01622 686732.


Glass Cleaning

When cleaning glass use soap and water to remove any external grime. To produce a better finish you can use a household window cleaner and a soft cloth.


PVCu frame cleaning

The faces of PVCu window frames should be cleaned every three to four months with warm water and a mild liquid detergent. Clean with non-abrasive detergents.


Conservatory roof cleaning

Use the same method for cleaning a polycarbonate roof as you would for the PVCu frames. Clear gutters of leaves and debris to avoid obstructing drainage as this could then cause overflow problems. Wash all roof panels with a soap and water solution every four months. This will remove any debris or other deposits. Do not use any solvent based or abrasive cleaners. Under no circumstances should anyone venture onto the roof panels of a conservatory.

Self clean glass requires little or no maintenance but you should always follow manufacturers’ guidelines.



Eurocell products are produced with a built-in drainage system. To ensure this system works efficiently the drainage slots must remain unblocked. To ensure the window is draining correctly remove any dirt or debris, clear drain holes and check drainage operation by flushing through with water.


Weather seals

Please ensure that you do not dislodge any weather seals. If this occurs immediately return to correct position. If the product is damaged or broken ensure a prompt replacement by contacting your installer.



Annually, clean away any dirt from hinges and apply lubrication as above.


Security Fixings

Check the tightness and security of all fixing screws.



Clean and lightly oil external moving parts annually.